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Originally Posted by dalej42 View Post
I think the more AP classes, the better. Going to a school where all the cool kids take AP classes has a spillover effect: everyone wants to be in the AP classes.

If the band is better than the football team, thatís likely to be a good sign.
100% this. AP classes and the number thereof dominate every other measure. IB is a far distant second. If you have a lot of AP classes, you have a college focused high school with 4+ years of classes in every subject and teachers that are generally motivated and student focused. AP classes also denote a harder, heavier workload and colleges recognize that as a student up to the challenge of college courses.

We have many neighbor kids who in their 11th and 12th grade years wish they had gone to a different high school as they "have taken every class offered and don't have any more impressive classes" to build or fill out their report card for college. And they went to the local high schools with 0 or 4 AP classes.