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Originally Posted by Ann Hedonia View Post
Her strategy is not appealing to me. Yes, I think Bezos and Zuckerberg and other very wealthy folks should be paying more in taxes. A lot more. Because for whatever reason, they benefited the most from the society we all built and all pay into. They need to give back and I think there are institutional problems that occur when individuals are allowed to accumulate the kind of wealth associated with nations, like wealth corrupting the political system.

But I don’t hate or even particularly dislike these people. In fact, many of them have qualities that I admire. I know many of these ultra-wealthy people personally and they are people. Some are assholes and some are genuine and kind. And I don’t want to “stick it to them”. I just want them to pay their fair share, which is way more than they pay now.

I also hate the term “economic inequality”. I don’t think it adequately describes the issues and I don’t think it’s inherently wrong that some of us have more than others. I prefer the term economic injustice when addressing the systemic problems
Warren isn't hating at billionaires, she's responding to billionaires who are stating to the media that her policies are dangerous. Does some of those responses run the risk of being misrepresented. Sure, but 99% of her message is "I just want them to pay their fair share, which is way more than they pay now."