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I don't get this thread. OP was not far off about the real Just World Fallacy insomuch as he posits that whatever happens, people will rationalize it as "he got what he deserves." I don't understand all this condescension.

But they pose a relevant question: What will happen after Trump isn't a leech to power?

The conservatives I know the closest in the past thought GW was literally sent by God Almighty Himself to "fix" America, and regardless of anything bad he did while in power, they supported him whole-hog.

But a few years after he had absolutely no grip or power and no possibility of having any grip on power, he was evil. He started a fake war and killed so many people.

It's really interesting how Cons will desperately latch onto whatever vehicle wields power on their behalf, and how quickly they drop them like a hot sack of dog diapers the second they aren't useful.

I suspect everyone--especially Trump's GOP Toadies like McDongle and Graham will claim to have NEVER supported Trump ever, and go back to what they said before he was elected.

I know for a fact my family will forget ever supporting him after he grips no power.

So it's an interesting question.