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Originally Posted by digs View Post
I'm still amused by the fact that at the toxic workplace (that I fled so I could start teaching), they kept hiring people that refused to be micromanaged and worked 60-80 hours a week like they'd done to me. After a year of that, they finally hired two people to do my job.I just retired from teaching. The semester before, three teachers retired and got a huge party, with multiple coworkers taking the stage (yes, they even got a stage) to emote their heartfelt testimonials.

When they threw me a tiny whoever-can-run-across-the-street-to-the-bar-after-work party, I asked for no speeches. Boss said "Okay, but we'll ask you to say a few words." Yikes, I really didn't want to, but I did have an outline in my head, ready to be fleshed out on the spot. But I never was on the spot. They all forgot about it!

So, how was your party? Speeches, tears, sheet cake, alcohol?

Big congrats are due! Hope you can relax and enjoy it (I have retired friends who keep telling me "It's okay, you worked hard, you deserve this!").
They threw me a fabulous party! So this post is not in the spirit of the thread. Our division has about 200 people and I'd say about half of them came. It was in our 3 story lobby and folks were also watching from both balconies. My boss gave a speech and then asked if anyone else wanted to say anything and a bunch of people told stories and said all kinds of nice things. I hate being the center of attention so it was a bit uncomfortable but it still felt really good. Every time I felt I was getting misty-eyed, I'd look at the big big boss, who I despise and was the impetus for me finally taking this leap, and regained my composure.

There was lots of food and cake and presents and hugs. A friend took lots of pictures. I have to say, despite all the shit over the last few years and for all the times I absolutely hated having to go there, I couldn't have asked for a better ending to my work life. Almost all of my co-workers were great. The problems always stemmed from the idiots running things. I avoided big big boss the entire time but he caught me just as things were winding down. He gave me this speech about how important I'd been and the whole time I was thinking "shut up you phony asshole."

So tomorrow I'm going to take it easy, finish cleaning out my desk and say the last goodbyes. I feel sorry for my backup who is going to feel the brunt of no-plan-for-a-replacement but she knows what's up. I really doubt she will stick around a whole lot longer. One of my co-workers who has been there as long as I have (22 years) said "remember when we were talking a while back about how great this place used to be and how much fun we had and every year it keeps getting worse? You leaving just adds to that." Got me misty-eyed.

And now back to the regularly scheduled workplace rants. I'll still read them but I will be free!