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Originally Posted by Master Wang-Ka View Post
Until the fellow slowly turned left into the shopping center. All right. He was slow. That was okay. I turned left behind him, to get into the same shopping center.

And then just inside the entrance... he stopped cold. So many cars! So much space! Where to park? What to DO? BRAIN... LOCKING... UP....

And behind him, I was sitting in the middle of the LEFT LANE OF TRAFFIC, with cars in the distance barreling towards me. So I honked at him.
In my opinion that's partially on you for turning too early. You should have waited until the fellow had left room for you on the other side of the traffic lane.

This was an important lesson when I learned how to drive, because we have a lot of elderly Sunday drivers here. It's similar to the other rule, don't cross an intersection in heavy traffic until you know there's enough room on the other side. Unless you are in light traffic with a left turn signal, don't cross the oncoming lane to enter a parking lot until you know there's room for your car on the other side.