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Originally Posted by What Exit? View Post
Did you forget the Dodgers? Certain teams have built in larger audiences, they are national teams. It actually makes perfect sense for ESPN to prefer these big audience teams. Though considering how bad their coverage is compared to my local coverage, I wish they would pass on the Yanks.

I never thought of the Mets as a national team, are you sure they show up a lot? The Giants use to be, is that no longer true?

Weird, first game is Nats @ Mets. I thought you said no coverage? Mets were picked a lot this year as was Houston.
I sure did forget the Dodgers. I was referring only to the Sunday night games which are the so-called marquee games.

Here’s the Sunday night schedule. I have no idea if the rules allow for games to be flexed like they can for football. For the Cubs, there’s local laws about the number of night games and concerts at Wrigley. I wonder if the Nats try to avoid Sunday night games because of the early Metro closing.
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