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Originally Posted by scr4 View Post
Yes it's true that the Nook e-reader software is based on Android.

And if you use one of several rooting kits available, you can hack the device to make it run a standard version of Android.

I can't find any confirmation that later Nook e-Ink devices have standard Android, or have access to the Google Play Store, straight out of the box.
Other than the links that I've previously provided, including a quote from one of them?????

Re: Google Play store. From Wikipedia: "On March 15, 2016, Barnes & Noble announced it would close the Nook App Store and Nook Video, probably because Google's Play Store, which runs on Barnes & Noble devices, has been far more successful."

Here's a sample thread from XDA-Devs (you know, the site that goes deep into Android stuff) on deep things with the latest Nook E-Ink E-Reader the Glowlight Plus. You will note (once people got their hands on one) various Android tweaks and rooting they did to it. In particular, the wonderful Renate NST there is making a lot of comments. One of the top Android on Nooks people out there. (She, for example, showed how to add a sound dongle to the NST which she uses for her music stuff.)

Now for the really insulting stuff:

tastysandwiches: "Again, I mean e-ink devices, *not* tablets - yes, nook tablets support the Play store. It would really help cut down on confusion here if you stopped conflating the two."

I own an NST and an HD+ (E-ink and LCD, resp.) for years. Rooted both and installed Cyanogenmod on them.

And I'm confused????

You've got people here insisting all sorts of trivially false crap and you decide to make this up????

It is astonishing the nonsense these E-readers bring in.

Folks: Unless you have the personal experience with something maybe it's a bad idea to post some false rumor you picked up somewhere.