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Originally Posted by GMANCANADA View Post
The point is that when you have a robust consumer market, companies invest in R&D adding features and reduce prices to compete. When you don't, you get e-readers.

I confess, I know nothing about e-readers other than everyone I've know that had them 10 years ago has stopped using them. I do however, know about economics, I teach it at a university. This is classic capitalist economics, especially in a stagnant-growth oligopoly. This is literally an Economics 101 topic in my class.
Except prices have come down. The original Kindle came out 12 years ago, and sold for $400 - that's about $500 in today's dollars. The current equivalent model (the basic Kindle) costs $90. The Kindle Paperwhite has 4x higher resolution than the original Kindle and adds LED illumination and 32x more memory, and costs $130.

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