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Originally Posted by tastysandwiches View Post
Though to be honest, you've got me thinking about buying and rooting a Nook... Would you mind my asking a couple more questions, as you're the one with experience?

If I have a Glowlight that's been modified to run the Play store, can it still be used as a regular Glowlight? That is, can I use the Kindle app to read my Kindle books and then switch back to the normal GlowLight UI, the one designed for e-ink, to read my Nook and DRM free books? Or do you have to lose the original interface to use it as a tablet?

How is the experience of running the Kindle app on your Nook Simple Touch?

Running Google Play Store on an old Nook Glowlight or Simple Touch won't work. It's just an astonishing resource hog. But you can sideload apps on a suitably modified old Nook using one of the services that grabs the app you want from the Play Store. (And they can make it easier to get the older version that would run on the 2.2 ? Android version.) It's the newer LCD Nooks (and others?) that work natively with the Google Play Store.

Here's the sub-forum on XDA-Dev for the NST and old Glowlight models. While some discussion concerns full blown rooting and/or installing a different Android OS like Cyanogenmod, most concerns more mundane stuff. One classic topic was finding various versions of settings.apk to try and get access to more settings than the original came with. Getting into landscape mode (which I love) is another old topic.


However, I would like to stop here regarding the side discussions regarding various E-reader internals and capabilities outside the scope of my OP.

I really appreciate comments such as GMANCANADA's.