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Originally Posted by Catamount View Post
What's worse are the token pockets a lot of women's pants have. You can maybe put one key in them, but not much else.
God, do I hate women's pants. I mean, I wear them because men's pants would look hopelessly baggy on me, but never having functional front pockets is beyond frustrating. I have two pairs with front pockets (I wear jeans to work, and after losing a lot of weight, skinny jeans are what look best on me. I know more professional trouser-type pants are even worse to find pockets in). The other pair is okay, but doesn't fit the best. The two I love the most - yup, of course, no front pockets.

Don't even get me started on leggings... I have ONE pair with pockets.

Reminds me of the meme I've seen on FB a few times. It shows women's pants, and a single finger being able to fit into a tiny front pocket. Then men's pants, and they show an entire video game inventory layout. It's glorious.