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Originally Posted by the lone cashew View Post
It took a lot of nerve to submit my own personal pics to the Straight Dope Message Bored. Where are they? Since they aren't posted, is it too late to reconsider?
Where is Freudian Slit? Why has she not posted pics? I want to see Feudian Slit. What are we all doing with our lives, can someone please tell me?
Sorry, it takes me a few days to update the gallery. Usually I do it once every week, or every other week if I am busy.
I didn't see your posting this morning. But you can always ask to have your photo removed. But I urge you not to reconsider! They were nice photos.

Originally Posted by ivan astikov View Post
Here's me harrassing the incomparable Alan Titchmarsh at the local B&Q.
ivan astikov, would you like to send in a photo for the portrait gallery? You can find out what to do at the gallery home page.