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Dang! I missed the time limit cut off point for editing my post.

Here is the post I would have liked to have made. I'm very sorry to do this but if any mod sees this post, I sure would appreciate if they would delete the older version of my post. Here is the version I would have liked to have made:

There is a movie titled "The Homesman" (2014) starring Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones.

Very early into this film (about 10 minutes from the start), Hilary Swank's character proposes marriage to another character who seems to be several years younger than Swank's character. I'm sorry but I don't know the name of that character or the actor who portrays him.

However, he is none too pleased to hear her propose marriage and he answers her with words to the effect of, "No! You are too bossy. In addition, you are also ..." I cannot understand just what he says next. I think his answer may contain the words, "plain" or "homely". I'm just not sure. But I think he feels she is just too plain or homely to suit him.

Does anyone know just what he says to her? Does he call her "plain" or "homely"? I honestly couldn't tell. But, I wanted to crawl right into the screen and smack him one in the head. I have only watched the first 10 minutes of this movie, but it sure does seem like it will be an excellent film and it seems to me that she is a real peach while he is a real stupid cheese head because she is a real treasure - regardless of her looks and he should feel honored that she would propose to him.

So sad to realize that men can be such jerks towards women and often do behave in that way. Makes me want to apologize to all women on behalf of all the stupid jerky men.

Anyway, does anyone know just what he says to her and whether my feeling about him are correct? Does he deserve to have his face smacked?

IMDB rated this film at 6.6. I regret that I have not as of yet seen the whole film. Can anyone tell me whether my feeling is correct insofar as this is an excellent film?

It sure does seem that way to me. It sure does seem like it deserves to be rated much higher than 6.6. Unfortunately, having only seen the first ten minutes, it's just not fair for me to try and evaluate this film on the basis of having seen only the first ten minutes.

Poor Hilary always seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to acting assignments. Just once, I'd love to see her cast as the heroine-type character! She certainly is a great actor and it's interesting that she appears in this film together with one of the greatest actors of them all - Meryl Streep.