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This is strange.

The argument used by Government lawyers is that of national security. However, the odds are that 95% of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay will have little or no knowledge of al qaeda plans (past or present) since they were merely foot soldiers.

And Ashcroft himself has said that ultimately most of these prisoners will be released to other jurisdictions since he has no wish to prosecute them all in US courts.

Given the above, what kind of threat are they likely to pose to national security merely by speaking up for their comrade, Walker? All they will say is stuff like:

"Honest, he was with us at the time, so he couldn't have shot the CIA agent"

In any case, their evidence can be prevented from being reported in the media - it can be only presented to the court.

If the views of JohnBckWLD above are at all representative of the US public then it strikes me that Walker is gonna need all the friends he can get.

John, you need to get wise as to the nature of these extremist Islamic organisations. Their first loyalty is to God (Allah), their second loyalty is to each other. Only after that does loyalty to a country come into play.

It's hard for you to understand this because you come from the US where loyalty to the country is placed above everything else.

Walker was young, impressionable and surrounded by fanatics. I'm not saying this excuses him, just that you need to show some appreciation of the unique nature of this case.