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John, Peyote and others: Walker was in an foreign army that also served the CIA and other USA agencies until October. Then the tides have understandably changed. A good defense could be that if he did try to get away from the Taliban or al-Qaeda, he would be treated like an American at war with them; that is get shot and killed on the spot. A more perfect defense (although most likely will not be used) is that he was working deep cover on his own in an attempt to undermine al-Qaeda, a group that blasphemes his religion, since any US government official working undercover would be sniffed out. What if it turns out he was the source for some of the warnings that (should have) alerted the CIA and the other agencies? You can't then accuse him of treason because he didn't try harder.

As it is now, he is giving the agencies questioning him more intelligence about the Taliban and al-Qaeda than any spy, any satellite camera ever can. All this without bargaining for his life. Kind of cruel to kill him when it is acknowledged that he may not have killed anyone in his service to the Taliban, while others who may have killed walk away.