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What should the UK do wrt Brexit?

A big part of the problem is that none of the major players can possibly tell the truth because it would end their political career. If a politician does accidentally tell the truth, they get crucified in the media.

Another part of the problem is that there is no majority in parliament for any of the options currently on the table. The most popular (and sensible) options are opposed by the two main party leaders because, to support them would end their careers and probably destroy their parties.

Possibilities in order of my preference:
  1. Government falls. New election entirely wipes out all of the current political parties because they are no longer fit for purpose. New leader emerges who can persuade the country that Brexit is a very bad idea. NO BREXIT
  2. Article 50 withdrawn unilaterally with a promise that we never need mention Brexit ever again. NO BREXIT
  3. Article 50 withdrawn unilaterally with a promise to hold a second referendum to be decided by single transferable vote May's Deal vs Corbyn's Deal vs No Deal Brexit vs No Brexit. I think Corbyn's Deal would win.
  4. Tory moderates grab the steering wheel and negotiate May's Deal plus a Customs Union (AKA, Corbyn's Deal). BREXIT.
  5. Article 50 suspended repeatedly and indefinitely. We always intend to Brexit but never actually get around to it. Schrodinger's BREXIT.

The BBC, in their sham Vox Pop interviews always manages to round up a bunch of idiots to say "I'm fed up with talking about Brexit. Why don't they just get on with it?" At my most cynical, I think there is but a tiny distance from that view to "I'm fed up with talking about Brexit. Why don't we just forget the whole thing?" I think a gifted but cynical politician like Boris Johnson could pull that one off.

This house believes that Brexit was just a big waste of time. We are fed up with talking about it and should just forget it ever happened.
There would be cheers throughout the land!