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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
My first thought upon reading the headline was "$2T? That's a LOT of wall!" On a more serious note though, I hope it doesn't include more failed high-speed-train-to-nowhere projects.
How about train-to-somewhere projects? The Northeast Corridor (Washington-New York City-Boston) is heavily used and operates at a profit. There's a lot that could be done to improve the routes and make the service even more attractive to passengers.

Originally Posted by DinoR View Post
The article title speaks volumes - "Trump And Democrats Agree On $2 Trillion For Infrastructure, But Not On How To Pay"

There's big broad, if relatively weak, bipartisan support for upping infrastructure spending for quite a while now. Addressing inadequate spending for already built but aging infrastructure has gotten the highest priority but it's not the only area. It's never gotten anywhere because of the issue of how to pay for it.

Paying for it has been the major hurdle. It continues to be the big hurdle. A tentative agreement that ignore the hardest part of getting something done isn't much of an agreement.
Does Trump know that when the government hires people to build things that it typically does pay them?