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Originally Posted by Mahaloth View Post
I'm about one episode behind.

Did you guys see the "hit gone wrong" episode? "ronny/lily" is the title and I am not kidding, it is an all-time classic for comedy half-hour shows.

Everything goes completely wrong in Barry's hit, but does so in a hilariously crazy way. Bizarre, strange, no way to explain it.

An amazing episode. I find Barry to be a good show, but not quite as great as some people think. This one, though, was laugh-out-loud hilarious and kind of painful, too.
I loved the ronny/lily episode - I hope to see Jessie Giacomazzi again, perhaps in a something like Kill Bill. It was so unpredictable and surprising (was that a real frying pan or a prop?), like most of the episodes.

Yes, Documentary Now made me change my mind about Bill Hader, especially "Sandy Passage". I'm surprised no one has mentioned his 2018 Best Leading Actor Emmy for Barry; that should convince any skeptics.