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Originally Posted by steronz View Post
Hold up. If the president commits "high crimes and misdemeanors", and the house chooses to impeach him for those crimes, how on earth will they do that without investigating allegations first?

I'll link again to the aricle from earlier
, which goes into detail about this, but the short answer is that impeachment is not a criminal sanction, and so isn't treated the same - but Congress has made clear that this is not an impeachment investigation.

In the specific case of Trump, Congress has the right to investigate whether he should be impeached, but does not have the right to take on the role of the executive or the judiciary and launch a criminal investigation simply because it doesn't like the jandling of the Mueller report. The main difference being that its oversight function is fundamentally negative - that is, it can remover someone by impeachment, but can't actively compel the exectutive to investigate something, or the judiciary to rule on it, and nor can it usurp those functions. It's supposed to be a check on the powers of the other branches, not a right to bring those powers in house.