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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
Or the reactions of the coterie of angry Christians (not necessarily on the SDMB) getting worked up about blatant lies (like Muslims making schools ban hot cross buns) or trivial nonsense (like people saying "Happy Holidays" or Cadbury not printing the word "Easter" in large enough font on their chocolate eggs) or otherwise generally trying to impose their religion through idiocy.
What I came to say, except Gyrate said it better.

Worked in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) for 4 years so went through Ramadan several times. Never had any problem, if I wanted to eat/drink I either did so at home or closed the office door. Eid-al-Fitr was a nice 4-day holiday.

Here in the states I've coached youth soccer with a few Muslim players and except for maybe practicing easier and not being there during Eid, had no problems.

Muslim holidays tend to be quieter and more family-centered (albeit citiy buildings were lighted up for Ramadan) than a lot of US holidays. (IMHO. YMMV.) And as others pointed out, critiques of Christian holidays here are usually generated by Christians complaining about how 'we atheists' try to restrict/oppress them (see Christmas, War on). Not being turners of the other cheek, we tend to dissent, sometimes quiet vociferously. Deal with it, scumpup.