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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Ok, I'm going to drop in here and ask what "TroutMan" knows about the matter. Precisely why wouldn't staging work?

You have one end of a process - the top of Mount Everest, or at least the last strong portion of the mountain. You know that humans in spacesuits with safety lines would be safe from all of the dangers. (low pressure, the extreme cold, the risk of falls, even the risk of hand abrasions)
Not to relitigate the Everest thread, but climbers falling from a part of Mt Everest is not a major cause of death on Everest. A part of Mt. Everest falling on climbers ( avalanches and serac falls ) is a much more frequent cause of death. That instability would make it difficult to construct and protect massive permanent infrastructure.

And oxygen tents and pressure chambers are not interchangeable.