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No. I'd say take your $100 billion and do it yourself. If I am going to be stuck working for minimum wage with a crazy manager standing over me I'll go work at Burger King because I won't freeze to death and I'll at least get an employee discount on cheeseburgers. And I will be equally likely to produce a working cable car either way because I'm not an engineer.

I think the best argument for why a cable car or even a road up Mt. Everest is impossible is that it hasn't been done or even tried that I know of. I know Nepal is a very poor country but I would think that if there was any way of improving access they would have done something to make it easier to bring in more tourists to spend money there. I don't even mean climbing permits but people who want to climb to base camp spending money on lodgings and supplies.

Or to bring dead bodies off the mountain. If it's too difficult and dangerous to bring down a 150 pound body I can't even guess how someone could get heavy equipment and structures that would weigh tons and tons up there.