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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
And that's why they don't talk about it beyond basically just dismissing it. It's basically a pipe dream, unless there's some unknown miracle breakthrough, one with no pollution consequences whatsoever, and even then, we'd still be faced with ocean acidification and a vast array of unprecedented unknowns. And worst of all, if any of this hypothetically successful SRM ceased for any reason, the earth's temperature would bounce back with such forceful rapidity that it would be utterly catastrophic.
Fuck you. That very quote of your doesn't dismiss shit, it refers to previous studies, you moron. Nowhere in your damn quote does it prescriptively say "so, since we've proven this is a bad idea...".

It turns out that because I've been too damn lazy, you've been arguing from an opinion you pulled from your asshole.

No shit there would be some fucking drawbacks to climate engineering. But there's also fucking drawbacks to insulin for diabetes (and yeah you'll die in days without it). It doesn't look like the future is going to have much choice.

You do realize that many of the "successful" models where climate change is controlled call for mass capture and sequestration of CO2 already in the atmosphere. And, well, like the original Moon landing plan, they probably won't happen because they are too expensive to do.

What was the original Moon landing mission plan, by the way? Why was it impractical?

Do you know why it's impractical to remove large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere? Explain to me why.

And fine, I lied, but every plan to deal with climate change involves some type of climate engineering, whether it be SRM or sequesting CO2. Same fucking thing. So yeah, it fucking looks like the damn facts are in my favor and you're a fucking idiot.

Go back to teaching high school or whatever you do. Though I think you're a shitty teacher, you couldn't teach special ed.

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