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But SO2 is able to combine with atmospheric water vapor to form particulates of H2S04 -- sulphuric acid droplets. Which leads to a whole entirely different scenario, and not a pleasant one. This is specifically the albedo factor I was referring to, and these particulates do in fact increase albedo because now you have actual reflective particles of liquid (not a "magic gas") in the atmosphere, and which also has all the negative impacts I previously mentioned.

not as a frivolous put-down. I suspect -- though I don't know for sure -- that you have high-functioning autism, and you certainly exhibit significant symptoms of it. People with this condition have been very successful in many fields, but they have to face it and deal with it properly. This is not going to turn out well for you in the real world that we all have to live in if you continue on in this way. I sincerely do not mean that as an insult.

You have the potential to be a contributing member of society but you need professional help to deal with your issues.

Gee thanks. Says the guy who wastes tons of time frivolously putting me down. I am doing pretty good right now and am about to interview for a 6 figure job at a FAANG firm tomorrow. Google for the acronym. (this is the real reason I have high credit card debts - I expect a large pay increase within a year if not this week)

Also, "professionals" are unqualified to "help". Frankly getting regular sex has done more for my mental well being in the last year than any shrink.

First of all, sulfur dioxide isn't the only option. Other gasses might do the trick with less bad side effects. Second, chemotherapy is better than death, right?

I mean it's definitely worth considering. Also it can be done unilaterally - any country unhappy with the temperature can inject the sulfur dioxide. While if countries pinkie swear to reduce CO2 emissions, and do it, this raises the price of energy within their borders, making manufacturing move to countries where it is cheaper. Like, uh, right now.

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