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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Because you would somehow have to make a reasoned argument as to the inherent value of educating the mentally disabled (I mean people flat out broken, not just a little glitchy) and also show me how it takes high intelligence to accomplish.

Pretty uphill battle. Looks unwinnable.
That argument cannot convincingly be made... to *you*. Because you lack something that most of the rest of us have, something that makes us fully human. You literally cannot understand the argument. For different reasons there are other arguments you have clear trouble tracking, considering and understanding. I used to feel sorry for you. Your life cannot be an easy one, both from what we can see of you, and how what and how you are must affect others around you. But it is finally completely clear to me that feeling sorry for you is like feeling sorry for a fire-hydrant for being pissed on by a dog: it is misplaced as the fire-hydrant isnít a person.