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Originally Posted by Lamoral View Post
We need far more explanation about a lot of things, but the show creators have apparently deemed us unworthy of learning it. There's plenty of interesting material that could be explored - for instance the leverage that Gilead presumably holds over other countries in the world, due to their (presumably) having nuclear weapons or some other magic death card up their sleeve. You'd think they would at least have some characters talk about this stuff, second or third hand, if not outright showing scenes of the inner workings of the Gilead government...but they have other priorities, clearly.
I was thinking more about the scene with the Swiss people telling June why the Canadian government is even considering giving Nicole back, and none of it rings true to me. We have already been told that the rest of the world has economic sanctions on Gilead, and that is the only power that Gilead would have over Canada. If the US/Gilead and Canada aren't huge trading partners any longer, Canada would just walk away from any demands to return a female refugee baby to a place where they know she will be a slave.

The idea of Gilead marching an army on Toronto to get a baby is ridiculous; sure, go ahead. Give the rest of the world an excuse to vaporize your part of the country. The only thing that makes any kind of sense would be the spies that have obviously infiltrated Canada taking the baby under cover of night, and they don't need official talks to do that.

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