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A question regarding this episode. When the Waterfords stay overnight in the household before they reach the Canadian border, the householders sing a few songs which set Serena off.

Neither of the songs was familiar to me. Were they particularly significant, or were they just allowing Serena to reflect on what they were about to do?

The border itself doesn't appear to have been defended, or particularly marked. But I just looked it up - its nearly 9,000 km long so even if they controlled a small remnant section Gilead would need thousands of personnel to manage all the crossings. And considering that Canada remained a country with which they were desperately attempting to maintain civil relations, so they didn't descend into a warlike footing, I could believe that backwater roads were not patrolled.

I must admit, apart from the general darkness and occasional mumbling that annoys me, I don't have the same problem with the story that some others up the page seem to have. Not as good as Series 1 but still serviceable TV.