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Originally Posted by Boyo Jim View Post
You folks have missed the news. This is the group that started the "listening session" tour to get input from "normal Americans". Then Limbaugh trashed that idea, saying they need to do "teaching sessions" instead. Now Cantor has repudiated the "listening" idea -- interesting in that the whole thing was supposed to be non-partisan, but that was a sham from day one.

Since the Republicans have decided they don't need any more input, I'm pretty sure this organization is going to die a quiet death.
Maybe when they listened (that's a pretty good joke right there) they didn't like what they heard?

As far as teaching, meh. Limbaugh can't teach me anything. He'd have to know something first, and that would be a "first" for him. Really. What can he teach me?

Patriotism? I have my honorable discharge, he had a boil on his ass. I work in government, and worked "defense" in the private sector.

Clean living? I'm not the one strung out on pills.

Honesty? Ummm don't think so.

Loyalty to Fearless Leader? He used to preach that UNTIL his boy wan't in charge anymore so that's a wash too.

I don't feel like going through a huge giant list right now, so that's enough.

No, nothing to see there.