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Originally Posted by Boycott View Post
I think people forget the 2008 primary and how dirty it got at times. Dog whistles from the Clinton campaign vs latent sexism from the Obama campaign. If twitter was as big then as it is now that would have been quite a fight.
Very nearly got much dirtier. Remember the "Michigan Compromise"?

The quick version: Michigan held its primary before all of the "big four" did, and, under party rules at the time, this meant that its delegates would not be seated at the convention. I am assuming that the plan was, the "early states" would have their primaries to determine a front runner (so now they were "important"), and then, once there was a clear-cut choice for the nominee, the delegates would be let back in. Because of this, most of the candidates skipped Michigan; Clinton, however, was on the ballot, and the delegates were pretty much split between her and "uncommitted" (delegates who could vote for anybody).

However, at the end of May, nobody had a majority. The Clinton campaign demanded that Michigan's delegates be seated "as elected." The party came up with a plan that was a compromise between the original count and splitting the delegates evenly between Clinton and Obama. The Clinton campaign demanded that the original count stand, and ended the conversation with, "We're taking this to the floor of the convention."