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I share septimus' concern about Biden's age. I'm obviously working from a small sample here, but my experience with my and my wife's aging family members is that the same person who still is sharp as a tack at 80 is all too often someone you don't want to see answer the phone to an unfamiliar number by 82 or 83.

And AFAICT, there's really no way to predict which 'sharp' 80 year olds will still be similarly sharp at 85. My dad was, my mom wasn't. If there's a way of determining whether I'll go the way of my dad or the way of my mom, I'd love to know it.

And I'd love to know about Biden, but obviously I can't, and neither can anyone else. But it makes me wonder whether his parents lived into their 80s, and if so, how they fared mentally as they aged.