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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
I brought some older board games in to a local store for their annual used game sale. Customers bring in games, other customers buy them, and the sellers get store credit. It's a big event in the local gaming community.

But this year, the store adopted a new policy; no games can be sold in shrink wrap.

This is nonsense. It would be going to an action figure sale and being told you had to remove all the action figures you were selling from their original boxes. Taking off the shrink wrap reduces the value of a game by about half. If you go on eBay or similar sites, you'll see sellers advertising games that are in their original shrink wrap.

eta: I brought the games in today but the sale will be tomorrow. So this qualifies as a June mini-rant.
I don’t quite get it. If they’re in brand-new, never-been-opened packaging, I ca see them having more value to a collector, but how would they qualify for inclusion in a used game sale.

Also, in what way are action figures “games?”