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Originally Posted by digs View Post
I can't wait til I need a walker.

Stay with me here... I come up with complicated scenarios to keep a book (or at least a couple of comics) with me at all times, along with two sketchbooks, pencils and my beloved Sakura Micron 003 markers. A roll of Necco Wafers, a bag of mixed nuts and one of gummy bears.

My current solution is that I've found a great storm jacket with large enough cargo pockets to stash my stash. But now it's getting warm enough that people are starting to notice, and ask why I'm carrying my jacket around.

The other day, it hit 80 and after the third person asked me why I had my jacket tucked under my arm I almost went full George Costanza on them: "Why shouldn't I carry anything I want? I mean, what if a hurricane... Okay, okay, I'll admit it,... I need the pockets! There, pockets! You happy now? I suppoooose I could find a huuuuge fanny pack! Would you be any less embarrassed for me then?"

Into this near-meltdown rolled a friend of my mom's.

With the coolest walker I've ever seen. White on white, 8" chrome rims, pinstriping. A latte in the beverage holder. Nice and tall, so the driver had good posture. A comfy backrest on the ergonometric seat; he raised it and there was... room! (He had a couple of hardcovers in there, a water bottle and snacks)

Everyone was amused by my mobility-storage envy.
Maybe a vest with big pockets? (NB: I have never bought one of these, but they look as if the pockets are fairly capacious.)