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Originally Posted by Bijou Drains View Post
Do they really need a brand new ball that often? Are they thinking even a minor scuff on the ball helps the pitcher?

This was written by a former pitcher. Apparently once a ball is scuffed it can be used to change the way it moves in the air. It’s considered one of the best ways a pitcher can cheat. If you’re giving him a scuffed ball, you’re basically helping him cheat as a pitcher.

“The first thing to know about a scuffed ball is that, once scuffed, the ball will break in the opposite direction of the scuff. You want to scuff the flat, wide, seam-free surfaces of the ball when you can, and try to make sure that you get a consistent scuff. You don't need a gash. Deeper is not necessarily better -- wider is. Surface area matters, and the wider the patch, the more run or tail you can get.”