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Originally Posted by bobot View Post
It's the same thing Democrats said after the Garland fuckery- although Dems really did have little recourse then. "We'll show them with the next election!" How did the election after that work out for Democrats? Living for the next election is a crappy shackle to outfit oneself with. What Democrats are keeping their fingers crossed for is: No impeachement hearings, and a Trump loss next time. I say it's a crappy way to go. The right thing is the right thing. Doing nothing and crossing fingers, I find, uninspiring and unadmirable.
We creamed the GOP in the House, and did not quite as well as expected in the Senate.

What is the right thing? Indicting someone just so he will officially and finally be declared innocent, so he can wave that around to his base? Why the FUCK is that the right thing? Why the FUCK should we reward that asshole with a second term, in exchange for a meaningless gesture?