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All of which can be avoided if we lube up and bend over? Do we have to actually suck it, or is there some lesser level of abject submission that is precisely correct? Dare we throw caution to the winds with a "tsk! tsk!"? Mind, I am not actually suggesting anything really radical like wagging a finger, unless that is braced with a rueful admission that both sides do it.

So, we investigate, and they say we are wasting time? Like they weren't going to say it anyway? Maybe trim it back a little, only investigate the top ten most slimy, disgusting and wretched crimes? Well, OK, which ones? Whats the plan? Perhaps a polite discussion, sipping tea with pinkies akimbo and murmuring gentle admonitions so as not to hurt their feelings? Like, maybe grinding immigrant children into cat food is a bit much, we should just let them go away and die where we can't see them.

Jesus Marimba, Doc! Lead, follow or get out of the way!
Law above fear, justice above law, mercy above justice, love above all.