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Originally Posted by namahoo View Post
Hello all,

The long-awaited study from the University of Alaska/Fairbanks was out a few days back, with appropriate media coverage. But if you missed it, here's a heads up.

They seem to rule out NIST's proposed collapse mechanism and their simulation of simultaneous failure of all columns is uncannily like the real-life collapse.

What do you make of it?
I've never understood why this building fascinates the 9/11 Truther CT types, to be honest. There really aren't any mysteries as to why the building collapsed. Basically, a ton of building material fell on it from the other WTC tower collapses (BURNING debris at that), and due to water main breaks and, kind of other priorities happening the building was left burning all day without fire fighters really doing much (read: anything).

I did look up a NIST FAQ page on WTC 7, for anyone interested. Been a while since I looked into this (since the last crazy 9/11 Truther came here to discuss it), but I recall seeing some of the models and it seems more than plausible that, along with the initial damage to structural supports facing the tower collapse damaged sections, the fire weakened the rest of the supports over hours of uncontrolled burning, leading to a collapse. Certainly there is zero evidence of explosives or anything like that, so seems a red herring to me to talk about simultaneous collapse in some sort of sinister tones.

Since the OP didn't link to this great report, and since it seems, unsurprisingly to have come from 9/11 CTer types I don't really think it's worth looking at. If the OP felt there was something compelling in there I figure s/he would have linked to and quoted it. What do I make of it? Last gasp by the 9/11 Truther types to try and get some traction for their crazy theories would be my guess.

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!

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