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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
The Dems can not remove trump from Office. A indictment in the House does nothing but allow trump to say he was proven innocent of all crime by the senate.
He can say anything he wants - First Amendment, you know. He can say it today if he wants.
This will boost trumps chances for re-election.
This is an evidence-free assertion.
Nothing "Weak and Vacillating", just "smart and political. "

ETA: it definitely is NOT 'smart and political' to be contradicting each other about whether they are or are not having an impeachment inquiry. You'd at least have an argument if they'd decided one way or the other what they're doing. Nothing smart and political about being evasive of either alternative. That IS "weak and vacillating." Practically the textbook definition.
Get a good number of GOP senators to announce they might vote for conviction and we will talk . Until then, any talk of "impeachment" is pointless, since what you mean is a indictment in the House which will lead to a decision of Not Guilty by the Senate.
Cool! With the whole nation watching, we lay out Trump's worst crimes, first in the House Judiciary Committee, then on the House floor, and then on the Senate floor - and the Republicans all go on record as saying Trump shouldn't be removed from office anyway.

Yeah, I'll take that. I want the Dems to be able to run against every GOP Representative, and every GOP Senator up for election in 2020, on the basis of the crimes they considered to be A-OK.
So , you want to give "oh please dont throw me in that impeachment patch" trump exactly what he wants, then?
And you say on the basis of what, exactly, that this is what Trump wants? Am I privileged to know a genuine psychic? How many fingers am I holding up right now?

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