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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
Really? I can have vaginal sex with a pre-op transgender woman? I'd like you to explain how that is possible
Oh - now you clarify that with "pre-op". Up until now you've been saying "transwoman" without that qualification.

As to sex with a pre-op transwoman... no, you couldn't have penis-in-vagina sex with such a person but I assume you are experienced enough to know that there are more options for intimacy than just that. If you find those options distasteful, well, again, you have every right to decided what sort of sex/intimacy you choose to participate in.

(And I don't know if saying pre-op is bad or good nowadays, I mean no offense by it)
If you said "no pre-op transwomen" you might then have some people assuming post-op transwomen are OK with you.

I suppose you could say "no sex or dating people with a penis", which would be highly specific. "My favorite sex act is penis in vagina." Whatever works, I suppose.

I don't like fake breasts, so that's not a turn on for me. I would have no problem dating a transgender woman who had surgery. I've never done it, but I suspect there is some sort of difference. If not, then it's all good.
If a post-op transwoman is not a problem then it's not them being a transwoman that's a problem, it's that you want them to be post rather than pre-op.

I'm told that if the surgery and transition is well done no, you can't tell a difference, at least not without a fairly invasive examination, well beyond what a penis does during intercourse. I wouldn't know myself, not being into women.

So maybe what you're really saying is that you don't want to date a transwoman who hasn't had bottom surgery....?