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Originally Posted by AI Proofreader View Post
Quoted for emphasis.

If you find out someone is transgendered any time before you were going to have sex, the worst that can happen is you are disappointed and have to start dating someone else. After what were presumably some nice or fun dates, since you want to have sex with that person.
To be fair - this being the internet age, announcing you don't want to date transgender people could potentially result in the receipt of some angry abuse. But the odds of it reaching anything like this level...

If a transgendered person walks around announcing to everyone they just met 5 minutes ago that they are trans, they stand a pretty good chance of bodily harm from the people they're announcing that to, people who overhear, or people that person shares that information with. To say nothing of the even higher likelihood of lesser degrees of consequences including legal consequences (you used the wrong bathroom! Predator!), loss of employment, loss of housing, and social ostracization from those 80% of people who are not O.K. with transgendered people.
...are very, very small indeed.
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