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What is Pit-worthy?

First a couple of preliminaries:

Q. What is this thread about?

A. I want to start a dialogue about what sorts of threads belong in the Pit. I've got my own ideas, but I just work here. I'd like to get a feel for the opinions of those who read and post in the Pit. So I thought I'd ask them.

Q. Why did you start it?

A. Because I want to know what the folks that use the Pit think. This is an area in which I can make changes, and I'm looking for input on what people want.

Q. Why is this in the Pit if its a poll about one of the board's forums?

A. Being me has its privileges. Also, I'm most interested in the opinions of those who actually visit and post in the Pit, as opposed to the opinions of all board visitors. This is the best way to reach that audience.

Q. Can I post in this thread about how you did x to poster y and I hate you for it?

A. Please don't. I want to keep this thread focused on the concept of pit-worthiness.

Q. Can I post in this thread about what I think about the Pit rules that are unrelated to what sorts of threads go in the Pit?

A. Please don't. I want to keep this thread focused on the concept of pit-worthiness.

Q. Can I post in this thread about how I reported a thread and you didn't move it? Can I post in this thread about how you moved a thread that I thought should have stayed?

A. Feel free. While I'm unlikely to revisit such a decision here, past practices are certainly relevant to the discussion. I'm more interested in what folks think I ought to do in the future, but examples will be helpful.

Q. You're making new rules!

A. That's not even a question. Besides, you're wrong. I'm asking for input about a decision I already have to make. I'm not proposing any new rules.

Q. How long do you plan to leave this thread open?

A. Indefinitely. I'll keep it stickied and leave it open as long is it remains useful.

Let me flesh this out. I'd like input on the following issues:

1. What is the Pit for?

2. What sorts of threads do not belong here?

3. What sorts of thread belong here exclusively?

4. Typology of threads. Some of the distinctions that come up include joke and parody threads vs. serious rants; recreational outrage vs. debatable vitriol; blogging vs. ranting; topical exclusion (politics and computer-related threads are often mentioned in this context). Which of these are consistent with the purpose of the Pit. Which of these distinctions are important? Should such determination be based on the content (no parody threads) or expected outcome (only parody threads that are likely to piss someone off)?

5. Do you care? I'd also like to get a sense of how many people have a strong preference about these things. If you don't care, feel free to post that. For once, it's not threadshitting.

You don't have to respond directly to any of the listed questions. But that's the sort of information I'm looking for.

The current thread description says: "For rants about the world or beefs with another poster."

And the Rules say:
The BBQ Pit is the forum for rants about the outside world or quarrels between posters - often the first turns into the second. . . .

Rants should be suitable for the Pit

Cutesy, "I Pit puppies for being sooo cute!" non-Pittings are not welcome here. Put them in MPSIMS. Rants which are genuine but simply too tepid or mundane for the Pit will be moved or closed as we see fit. Lastly, rants about personal trauma that are expected to generate mostly supportive, sympathetic responses will likely be moved to MPSIMS. This is not a commentary on the seriousness of said life events, merely on the best forum for that type of thread.

The Pit is not your personal diary

The Pit isn't Cranks' Corner or group therapy. Posters who glut the forum with threads or consistently hijack the threads of others may be subject to moderator action. No, there isn't a magic number of threads or posts per day that are acceptable. (And if you're even asking, you probably need a LiveJournal.)

Here are three recent threads that talk about some of this stuff:

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