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Originally Posted by Telperion View Post
Yeah, zone 36 has been like a brick wall for me so far since I can't keep up with Coordination research. Last game I even focused on Trumps and housing and was still short a good 2,500 trimps when I got there.
Originally Posted by Telperion View Post
I'm doing the Size challenge and it hurts even more than I had expected because with the work force halved you still need the same amount of trainers to block effectively.
What's even worse is that the new housing unit you unlock at zone 37 (wormholes) are basically unusable, because they cost helium to build, and it's not worth it to spend any of such a precious resource on them until much later (I just bought one wormhole last run to get the achievement, and portaled shortly after). According to the Wiki, this is the only housing structure that uses helium, and the next level of housing doesn't require it. But it also doesn't come until zone 50.

Makes for an extremely tough bottleneck since as you observe, it's not possible to build enough housing to keep up with Coordination.