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On zone 49 today, pushing for zone 50 in order to hit Collectors (have portaled 5 times so far). Even with 8 ranks of Carpentry and 20 Wormholes, stopped being able to keep up with Coordination a few zones ago and slogged through by beefing up my block as much as possible. Carpentry is definitely essential to getting higher.

And beat my first Void Map and got an heirloom shield that gives +4% block multiplier, so that's cool.

Also I've bought Whipimps and Tauntimps and am happy with both (at zone 49, I'm getting +51.1% production speed from the Whipimps and 6K of my 120K Trimps are from Tauntimps). Not sure what to buy next from the Bone Trader though... a permanent upgrade seems better than a one-time deal, but the other imps don't seem too impressive. Maybe buy another heirloom for 30 bones? I don't know.