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Originally Posted by Telperion View Post
Wow, you must be a lot more patient than me, I get to about zone 45 and then progress slows to a crawl because my army gets instakilled by snimps most of the time and I restart. It's a bit scary that Trimptopia has a casualty rate of about 15,000% of the population, too.
Are you getting the Gymystic on zone 45? Keep in mind that you get one every 5 levels up through 55, and those + as many gyms you can buy is absolutely crucial for maxing out your block (it becomes much more important than the shield. In fact - shield starts becoming pretty useless compared to gyms). Through most of the 50s, enemies weren't doing any damage to me at all because my block was higher than their entire attack range. It still took a long time to chip away at their massive health pools compared to my meager attack value, but it was doable.

Also, prioritize food production and tributes, because gems become your most important and limited resource later when you need to build Collectors (they cost a ton of gems). And even moreso later for Warpstations, I'm learning now.

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