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Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post
In the context it is clear that there was something dumb there, not from Moulistas but from a astorian that found that indeed that article was not about Clinton and had to add Pelosy, that was not mentioned by BigT, just to cover his dumb ass.
First, I think astorian should be insulted by the confusion. Second, yes, Pelosi was not mentioned by BigT. I brought her up initially specifically because I had seen several wishful-thinking essays to somehow get either Clinton (usually by somehow forcing her as a replacement VP or by naming her Speaker) or Pelosi into the Presidency. So, when asked, I linked to the owner of DKos instead of one of the random essays on the website, which was for getting Pelosi in.

Nobody's got Clinton derangement like the Republicans. There definitely isn't a whole network of cable and internet sites on the left desperate to deflect by any means necessary from the news like we've seen from the right. But I think there are definitely some on the left who won't let go of trying to get Clinton into the Presidency, either by some wacky impeachment method or by simply running in 2020. It's an obsession that's less helpful than it is for the Republicans because at least the Republicans can reliably fire up their base with the Clinton not-really-a-scandal du jour.