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Originally Posted by XT View Post
I disagree with the conclusions here. Basically, to me, Trump is an isolationist, and I think most of Trump's base is too. On the other hand, however, he's essentially clueless about foreign policy, and allows (or has allowed) himself to be guided by the war hawks in his administration. A lot of folks accused W of this, but I think in the case of Trump it really is him being lead by the nose wrt foreign policy, especially the confrontational policy. Some of it is Trump trying to do a good cop/bad cop thing, with himself as the supposed good cop holding back from folks like Bolton. I honestly don't think Trump wants war, and that a war would hurt him. What he DOES want is to pressure the other country's into doing things his way. The problem, however, is that his cluelessness wrt foreign policy means that folks like Bolton have a huge impact on our stance and what we are doing...and I think they are moving us closer to confrontations that only they want. This is the problem with electing a president who doesn't know what he's doing and has to rely so heavily on others who can use his ignorance to move him and the country where they want him to be.
Trump may not actually want to go to war, but I also don't think that Trump is being led by Bolton to do anything he wouldn't be doing himself. Even back in the campaign Trump boasted that the as president his primary negotiating tactic would be to leverage the military and economic power of the United States to bully any country that disagreed with him into submission. That has been his tactic with Korea, (I have a bigger button than you), and with regard to trade negotiations (I'll tariff you to death), or with the immigration crisis in Mexico (stop immigrants or I'll invade). So this isn't just Bolton.