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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
With regards to the terms of the deal, I've seen no evidence that Iran was acting other than "honorably". They do all kinds of other awful shit, but they were sticking to the terms of the deal, and Trump's decision to walk away is catastrophically damaging to US national security. Trump just helped the Iranian extremists who want nukes and got absolutely nothing in return.
Well, the thing is, we don't have to continue to honor it if they are doing that other stuff. We can CHOOSE to, but since it wasn't ratified by the Congress then we aren't bound by it. As I said, I think we should have stuck with the deal. But Iran isn't the innocent victim here either. Sort of like North Korea...or China.

I agree that Trump helped the extremist faction while hurting the, well, moderate (for Iranians) faction, but the thing is, they were already doing their shady shit despite the 'moderate'(s). My point is that this isn't coming completely out of Trump's ass with zero justification, just as what we are doing wrt China and the trade war has real world reasons. As does what we are doing with North Korea. And it's not JUST Trump who had issues in the US with any of those groups. Like I said, he's not making this up. He's just, IMHO, mismanaging because he's an ignorant fool who doesn't know what he's doing and doesn't understand anything...and he's surrounded himself with either equally clueless people or with people who do know the score and are using his ignorance to guide him to do things they want...such as hammer Iran.

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!