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Originally Posted by Lamoral View Post
I'm all for trying to reduce gun violence in America - though the ideas I have in mind for doing so are a little different than the ones typically put forth. I've explained them at length in another thread - basically it boils down to 1. a concerted effort to establish mentorship programs for teenage males who are struggling with life, whether it's in suburbs or inner cities, whether they're affluent or economically disadvantaged, to involve them in productive activities and help them live in the real world instead of on the internet and inside their own heads; and 2. hammering the shit out of felons caught in possession of a firearm or who have used one in a crime, with legal penalties other than "2 years in prison with credit for time served" or other such meaningless sentences. The upside of my proposal is that it's something that could actually attract bipartisan support instead of becoming a political wedge issue.

What I am not interested in ever doing is trying to make gun control arguments invoking Germany and Japan, two countries that were, within living memory, so collectively violent that they killed millions of people, enthusiastically falling in line behind dictatorial governments that are responsible for the largest orgy of death and destruction that the world has ever seen.
I have no problems with your ideas and they could work.

I agree comparing American to Japan, etc is pointless. Or even Denmark.