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Originally Posted by mhendo View Post
Firstly, the population is not currently dwindling. The black rhino population is currently about two and a half times the size it was at its low point, in the early 1990s, when there were only about 2,300 left in the wild.

Namibia has the right, under international treaties, to allow five black rhino kills per year. They're probably going to take advantage of that allocation no matter what, so they might as well do it by charging some American asshole with too much money the price of a decent house to satisfy his blood lust. For the five kills, that's a total of about $2 million into an economy with a per-capita GDP of less than $6,000, and this sort of hunting helps sustain a tourism industry that's almost 15% of the country's economy, and over 18% of its employment.
Hmm, I guess the policy isn’t as bad as I originally thought then. If the population is recovering and sacrificing a small number can generate enough money to help conservation efforts to continue the improvement of their situation, that’s channeling a rich asshole’s weird desires into a positive outlet I guess. I agree with ThelmaLou that this guy is no saint helping animals; if he was then he’d just donate the money directly without killing an animal to make a rhino scrotum hat or whatever.