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Another day, another Annoying Coworker story. We had a meeting today (one of many, so I got almost no real work done). I feel bad for my coworker who was running the meeting because we started the meeting talking about a part of this project that affects me, and we spent too much time on that, partly because Annoying Coworker and Whiny Coworker sidetracked the discussion into things we shouldn't have even been talking about at that meeting. Annoying Coworker doesn't like the way we're doing something that she has absolutely nothing to do with, and she demanded that we do it a different way that would make my job harder, take more time, and make my products worse. Of course my supervisor respects her input much more than mine, so she's probably going to want to start doing things that way, at which point I might say take this job and shove it. Whiny Coworker doesn't like that a project isn't being done the way he wants it done (which is mostly problematic because I'm the only one that actually ever does any work on that project, and I don't have time to do it the way he wants it done).

Other small gripes: People who want to schedule a meeting, so I give them a nice selection of times that I have open, and they won't pick a time, so I end up picking a time for them, and of course when the meeting time comes, they're tied up doing something else so they can't come to the meeting. Just pick a damn time. I'm tired of this. Also, people who don't read emails, so I have to keep asking them to redo something even though all the information they needed was in the email. I don't even want to go to work tomorrow.