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A couple of years ago, a major tenant moved out of my office building, leaving 3/4 of it empty. The vacancy has since been filled up with many small businesses, including techie start-up kinds of businesses. The building demographic has skewed from stodgy older accountant types to young glued-to-cellphone, hacky sack-playing types.

My building has a four-story parking garage for the office workers. Our new younger demographic are crappy drivers and we've had a few accidents and near-accidents in the parking garage.

So building management has constructed lots of speed bumps in the garage. A good idea, you might say, but they're horrible. There are far too many of them, they're steep and abrupt rather than smooth, and they're made of cheapo crumbly asphalt. The painted yellow stripes have worn off in just two weeks, and the asphalt is crumbling away and scattering gravel all over the garage.

Drivers of low-clearance sports cars are scraping when they go over the bumps. I drive a higher-clearance car with light truck tires, and I feel like I'm going offroad when I drive in our garage. Everyone's complaining about getting paint chips from kicked-up gravel.

It sucks.