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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
I have a co-worker like that.

I've said that if she was put in charge of airline pre-flight checks, she would have the pilot personally walking the plane and checking off that each passenger was correctly buckled in. Then, in the middle of the flight, she'd notice that someone was unbuckled and call the pilot over the PA, for everyone to hear, and ask if he had checked that individual passenger or not.

She tried to tell me and my boss that I needed to do a specific process in a way that would take about 5 times longer, catch very few additional errors (of no consequence) and ensure that I'd never get the job done. Boss started to back her up. Then I pointed out that I was the only one who had ever done that process for the last several years and that neither she nor anyone else on the team had done it for almost a year before I picked it up. So if she wanted it done that way, then I expected that she would start handling it herself. Otherwise here's my process and I'm doing it this way as long as I'm the only one doing it.
Oh gods, there's more than one of her? You have my deepest sympathy. Some day maybe they'll end up working together, and the world will collapse into a black hole of annoyingness.

My Annoying Coworker is a tattler. As a bit of background, I was never the kind of child that called anyone else a tattletale. But she is. It's like being back in kindergarten again. The real problem is not so much how she acts, because I can handle problem coworkers, but my supervisor (who is NOT her supervisor) will take her side and want to do things her way, and that is just too much. She can say whatever she wants, but when it makes my job more difficult, that's when it's a problem. I will be so happy when I leave this job and I never have to work with her again. It will be the happiest day of my life. I'm going to get a very nice bottle of champagne and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! (We should have a little tipsy smiley with a party hat)

My supervisor is also very bad about wanting to do things that only I do in a different way that would be much more difficult and time-consuming. So far I've kept doing things my way, but I'm sure this will be an issue some day.